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Light the lamp, bundle up, and prepare for a great night of reading. The Xeno Solution is a fascinating, non-stop read, imaginative and terrifying. The Xeno Solution is taut, superbly written and utterly plausible. Nelson Erlick has followed up his hit GermLine with a tale of twisted science and frightening consequences. I couldn't put it down. Nelson Erlick knows his medicine and knows how to write with unremitting tension. It doesn't get much better than this. Nelson Erlick has taken his place among the very best writers of medical suspense on the scene today.
---Michael Palmer, author of The Society, Miracle Cure, Critical Judgment, Silent Treatment, Natural Causes, Extreme Measures, Flashback, Side Effects, and The Sisterhood . An international bestselling author, his books have been translated into 30 languages.

Bristling with authority, Nelson Erlick's The Xeno Solution provides just what the doctors order in a medical thriller and then some: a tight, original plot, terrific pacing, and a fear quotient that's off the charts.
---John Lescroart, author of The Motive, The Second Chair, The First Law, and Dead Irish . A New York Times bestselling author , his books have been translated into 16 languages.

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THE XENO SOLUTION: It could save millions of people desperate for organ transplants—or decimate the world.

Genetically-engineered pig organs have proven to be ideal donor sources for patients dying of heart, liver, and kidney diseases.   The process, called xenotransplantation, is a $ mega-billion industry, and the PTS Corporation's monopoly.   After tens of thousands of successful organ transplants and careful patient monitoring by its "independent" not-for-profit "Institute", the PTS Corp. is going to be granted unprecedented fair-market exemptions by the government — if approved by a U.S. Senate subcommittee.

DR. SCOTT MERRITT, a promising surgeon forced to retire from practice because of multiple sclerosis, has audited Institute records, validated their findings, and is scheduled to report his conclusions to the Senate subcommittee.   Seven days before he is to testify, he receives an unmarked CD from the Institute's database director. Scott quickly discovers the Institute's deadly secret: PTS' genetically-bred pigs have a previously undetected retrovirus—a retrovirus 100% fatal to patients who have previously suffered from the "Hanoi Flu".   Worse, the pig retrovirus shows signs of mutating, of combining with the human flu virus to create an airborne, porcine-human super-virus. What can he do to stop a potential world-wide epidemic, and who should he tell?

DAMARA STONE, a senior PTS officer who's stunning, sadistic, seductive, and schizophrenic, discovers that Scott has the damaging information. She tracks down Scott and captures him, his wife, and his children, intent on preventing them from revealing what they know...

DR. CARLTON EMERY, a premier xenotransplant surgeon, chief administrator of the nation's largest xenotransplant clinic, co-founder of the Institute, and a major stockholder in PTS, unwittingly loosens the deadly super-virus on his patients and staff.

The super-virus ominously spreads, killing all infected.

Nearly blind, half-frozen, stranded, for Scott to save his family, expose the conspiracy and prevent a worldwide disaster, he must overcome a brutally efficient assassin and a powerful adversary on the floor of the US Senate--before a pandemic erupts.


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